Sunday, January 27, 2013

My friends in JB!!

Hai,assalamualaikum semua!! :) *ter-overexcited* well its been a while i did'nt write any post..mind you that i am really a typo if u did see any of typo error here, just ignore it..haha..

So now I finished with my first degree of law..feel soo relieved..that day my friends from KL came..they wanted to to go to universal studios they were staying at this hotel called Golden Leaf Hotel..

The funniest thing is that, when they arrived, we went to makan mee rebus Hj.Wahid at Plaza Angsana..then they wanted to exchange the money to Sing Dollar..on the way to that place suddenly Qistina's car went missing..then she called me, she said that the petrol was was empty until the car stopped! can u imagined?! so then papa,mama n me went to the petrol station and filled up the petrol using mineral water bottle..I was lucky because mama n papa was off duty that day...haish..korang2..please do check your fuel regularly..especially when you are in a long journey..haha..

They stayed in JB for about 3 days..makan2 at Sg.Chat..jalan2 at Jalan Dhoby..Bazaar Karat..then right before they went off to KL we went to Johor Premium Outlet..also they shopping2 there..hehe..well girls..what can I say :D

So here are some pictures that I grab from my friend's Facebook- Izzati Rahman :)

               Its Iqbal, Syakira, Izzati, Qistina, Aimuni, Cici n Boyya :)

You Rock girls..oh, and a boy  :D

Dan gambar wajib, depan universal studios :D

Its me, Cici n Kora!! at Sg.Chat, the best ikan bakar everr!!

Oh ade satu I snap!! ni udang bakar die..theres ikan pari n sotong also but I didnt snap :D

Oh and this is the new Roost cafe :)

So yeah, we were having fun together in JB..its kinda after graduation trip-ish..see you guys during convocation yeah! Insyallah :)

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Nice pictures!

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Yulia Rahmawati

whooaa, you are so beautiful D:
and you guys looks like had so much fun :D


Yulia Rahmawati

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